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At WCI Ottawa, we install more than just installing fresh asphalt. One of our most important services in Ottawa is sealcoating. Making every effort to protect asphalt after it has been laid down is important. Sealcoating is an additional layer of defence that can keep out water, fuel, oil, and other foreign objects that might cause your surface to degrade earlier than it should.

Call us to learn more about sealcoating in Ottawa! Our asphalt sealcoating services offer the protective layer driveways need to prevent water penetration.

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WCI Residential asphalt driveway construction

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There is a lot of traffic on your parking lots and driveways, not to mention the weather and other elements that come into contact with the surfaces. This is why asphalt sealing is very important. Even if your pathways look like they’re in good condition, it’s not going to hurt anything to provide another barrier against what breaks down the material.

The lifespan of an asphalt surface that receives regular sealcoating maintenance will more than double compared to an unmaintained surface. Spending pennies on the dollar per square foot to maintain pavement with sealcoating is significantly more cost-effective than spending thousands of dollars on brand-new pavement.

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When Should I Sealcoat?

A sealcoat is a protective layer applied to the surface of your asphalt driveway or parking lot to prevent damage from UV rays, rain, snow, and automobile fluids. The best time to sealcoat your asphalt pavement is as a preventative precaution to preserve its deep black color and even surface.

Remember that sealing off cracks in asphalt is not a substitute for doing so. For instance, before applying driveway sealer, any cracks in your driveway will need to be fixed. Driveway sealcoating increases the curb appeal of your home and increases the lifespan of your pavement.

WCI Residential asphalt driveway construction
WCI Residential asphalt driveway construction

Ottawa Sealcoating Experts

WCI Ottawa is your go-to contractor for sealcoating services in Ottawa. We are reliable sealcoating specialists who can improve the tensile strength and aesthetic appeal of your asphalt surfaces thanks to our many years of experience in the field. Our knowledgeable staff shields your pavement from the debilitating effects of the elements, UV rays, and regular wear and tear using premium sealants and cutting-edge procedures.

We provide outstanding solutions that prolong the life of your asphalt, saving you time and money in the long run whether it’s a private driveway or a business parking lot. Trust WCI Paving and Concrete for all your sealcoating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top layer of your pavement can be weatherproofed by applying  protection called sealcoating on top of it. Similar to how you would imagine staining and sealing a wooden fence, think of seal coating your asphalt. The addition of this top-coat layer offers defence against degradation, UV radiation from the sun, and oxidation, all of which lead to cracking. The sealcoat will wear away, leaving the underlying pavement undamaged and in excellent shape, as opposed to your actual pavement eroding.

Your driveway or parking lot will last longer if you add a sealcoat to the top layer of the pavement. Small cracks in cracked asphalt should be filled with asphalt crack filler to prevent them from growing larger in the future. By caulking these cracks, you can help prolong the lifespan of your asphalt by preventing water from leaking through to the foundation material.

In addition to adding a protective layer, sealcoating will bring the surface back to a brand-new, stunningly black appearance. It is a very simple and inexpensive technique to transform your driveway from boring to gorgeous.

Unfortunately, sealcoating might not be your best option if your asphalt parking lot is old, damaged, and has previously been neglected. Prior to degradation and damage, asphalt is sealed to avoid further deterioration. To find out the condition of your current lot and whether sealcoating may help you extend the life of your lot, our professionals can provide you with a free evaluation.

If your parking lot is older and has already had seal coating, a crack fill process will need to be applied where necessary to delay the deteriorating process before a fresh layer of sealcoat is installed.

Even the lesser jobs can seem easy enough to complete on your own, but we have observed that the outcomes are frequently unsatisfactory. For seal coat projects, we advise that you always use a professional. A professional not only possesses the necessary skills and expertise, but also the right tools to do the task at hand.

As with any type of construction, performing routine maintenance as directed increases both the structure's lifespan and your overall financial savings. When your asphalt is properly cared for, you won't have to pay exorbitant repair or replacement fees for a very long time. However, damage and deterioration are imminent if you ignore the surface and fail to adhere to a suitable maintenance programme, and the associated expenditures might be high.

Yes. If our representative determines that the condition of your driveway precludes sealcoating and routine maintenance, we can overlay it or completely remove and replace it.

Your driveway starts to deteriorate as soon as it is installed due to the sun's UV rays, water, ice, fuel, and oil. Stones of varying sizes, sand, and asphalt cement make up asphalt pavements. Pavement becomes brittle, grey, and broken as a result of the sun's UV rays weakening the asphalt cement holding the stones and sand together. Since asphalt cement is also a petroleum product, it is broken down by gasoline and oil, causing stones to become loose and potholes to form

Regular sealcoating will protect your pavement from UV rays, stop gas and oil leaks, keep water and ice out, and improve its appearance. Asphalt pavements can be doubled in life with sealcoating, which eliminates the need for pricey maintenance and replacement.

Asphalt pavements should be resealed every two years to benefit from the beautifying component of the sealcoating process. Some clients may also opt for a yearly resealing. Contact us today to discuss the most appropriate maintenance plan for your driveway 

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