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We offer concrete and interlock services to both residential and commercial clients. Whether it is a concrete landing at the front of your house, an interlock paver walkway, or a concrete pad for bicycles, trust WCI Ottawa to get the job done!

WCI Concrete pavement construction
WCI Residential asphalt driveway construction

Concrete Curbs & Walkways

Concrete curbs and walkways are in growing demand with residential homeowners. The look is beautiful, and the quality and workmanship will last for many years to come. It provides a clean polished look that is also very durable. Our team is experienced and yet certified!

We Meet All Ottawa Specifications

WCI Ottawa offers professional construction services to business and commercial properties. Our commercial concrete curbs and sidewalks are performed to meet City of Ottawa required specifications.

We back up our work with a warranty and provide excellent customer service.

Excavator preparing surface for a concrete driveway

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WCI Concrete pavement construction

Top Quality Pavements

WCI Ottawa can transform your property to a work of art. We give you a variety of concrete pavement design choices so you can pick the one that will look best with your home. We use the highest quality interlocking stones and materials on the market.

We provide you with a variety of alternatives for renovating your property’s driveway, pathways, and other hardscapes. Poured concrete is a preferred alternative because of its practicality and affordability while others choose for natural stone for its elegant appearance. Concrete Interlocking pavements are one of the best choices for renovating your space, whether you want a fresh look for your driveway or you are thinking of installing a patio or other outdoor entertaining space.

Ottawa's Pavement Experts

With our magnificent and high-quality range of concrete pavement alternatives, WCI Ottawa can assist you in achieving a daring, fresh appearance. We offer a diverse selection of concrete to help you get the look and functionality you want.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible service and the highest calibre of work. Our capable project management team will supervise your project from beginning to end, and our team of expert installers will guarantee that the job is carried out with meticulous attention to detail.

Call us to schedule a consultation with our team and receive a free cost estimate for your concrete and interlocking project.

WCI Concrete pavement construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While less frequent care is needed for concrete than for asphalt, it is nonetheless necessary to extend its lifespan. You might also need to remove stains, apply sealers, and make the odd repair in addition to keeping it tidy and clean.

Interlock driveways require minimal maintenance.

Make sure that your driveway, no matter what kind you choose, won't need a lot of maintenance. A driveway that requires a lot of upkeep not only raises your expenses but also consumes an excessive amount of your time.

However, you can be sure that maintaining your outdoor space won't take much effort if you have interlock driveways. There really isn't a more hassle-free solution than interlock pavers, which require little to no upkeep.

Some driveway types require days or even weeks to completely "settle," so you won't be able to use the area for a while after installation is finished. Interlock driveways, on the other hand, require little waiting time and can practically be utilised immediately.

You can start using your driveway almost immediately if you decide against applying a sealer on it. However, if you choose to add a sealer, the normal wait time before your drive is usable is only about 24 hours. This short waiting period is ideal for homeowners who wish to use and enjoy their new driveway as soon as possible compared to other options.

Instant Curb Appeal

Your outdoor space can be customised to your specific style thanks to the extensive selection of colours, patterns, and designs available for the pavers used in an interlock driveway. An interlock driveway is a top alternative if you want your driveway to complement the personality or design of your home.

Increased Versatility

Your outdoor space should accommodate your needs regardless of the size of your home. You'll need a driveway that works for you and your family whether you use it for parking or your kids enjoy skating or rollerblading in the garden. Fortunately, there are numerous applications for interlock driveways.

Enhanced Durability

A brand-new driveway shouldn't require frequent maintenance or improvements for a very long time. You can be sure that an interlock driveway you choose will stand the test of time and give you stability and dependability.

When lifetime is taken into account, concrete is an alternative that is reasonably priced. During the time you own your home, you might only need to have your driveway done once.

Concrete is a surface that is incredibly resilient. A concrete slab can endure 50 years or more with proper installation and maintenance.

Driveways made of concrete are highly sturdy. They will hold up to the biggest cars you are likely to drive if they are properly constructed and have the necessary base and reinforcement.

The Word
On The Street

“We can honestly say that we were impressed with the organization right from the start. The office manager was pleasant to deal with, promptly returned our calls and always followed up as promised. When the owner came to do the quote, he took the time to explain everything and offered sound advice so that we could make an informed decision. Our driveway and culvert look phenomenal and strongly recommend WCI”

Jeff & Leslie Wingate

“They did a very good job, and we are pleased. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. He and his crew worked efficiently.”

David & Sandra Halayko

“The WCI team was prompt & efficient which resulted in stellar workmanship. We are thrilled with our new driveway and the added curb appeal that our home was missing before. Thanks Greg and Team.”

Trish Aeckerlin

“WCI provided a well explained estimate. Greg is a stand up guy, who is clearly proud of the work/product he provides to his customers. I highly recommend WCI to homeowners looking for quality paving at a reasonable price. Most importantly, WCI stands behind their work and will make it right when there is an issue. ”

Gary Black

“WCI paved our driveway this past week. Greg and his staff were very friendly and efficient. The end product is beautiful, and we are very pleased! We highly recommend WCI! ”

Tram Vo Bertazzo

“Workers from WCI arrived at 8 am and set right to work to remove the old driveway and replace with a new driveway. They worked as a team in each step that replaced old with new. We are so pleased with the result. In 4 hours this team gave us a very good looking driveway. Thank you”

Valerie McDougall