Parking Lot Restriping

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Does Your Parking Lot Need A Re-Stripe?

Is your parking lot losing its clarity and order? With the help of our skilled re-striping services, revitalize your space! At WCI Ottawa, we recognize the value of a well-kept parking lot for efficiency and safety.

It’s suggested that property owners complete parking lot re-striping in Ottawa every 2-3 years. Re-striping your current parking stall lines or creating a brand-new plan that meets with local and provincial regulations are options available from our veteran team of expert parking lot painters. Our striping experts can assist ensure that your new lot stays in outstanding condition for years to come by using the best materials and paint.

Don’t let a worn-out parking lot create confusion – trust us to re-stripe and redefine, ensuring a welcoming and organized environment for all.

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Asphalt Line Striping Services

Asphalt parking lots must always be maintained. If not, they will deteriorate quickly and fare poorly during the upcoming seasons. Your property’s curb appeal will increase and your company will stand out in Ottawa if you add asphalt line striping services to your parking lot.

We proudly offer parking lot markings to Ottawa and surrounding areas. Additionally, we offer pavement marking services and offer repainting options. While bringing more customers to your Ottawa site, our regulation-compliant workforce is trained to handle all your parking lot needs.

Get Parking Lot Striping in Ottawa

If you need parking lot striping in the Ottawa area, we can provide the services you need.

Parking lot striping is a useful service that has several advantages for managers and owners of real estate. You may improve the look and usability of your parking area by spending money on professional parking lot striping. The process involves applying high-quality paint to designate parking spaces, directional arrows, crosswalks, and other important markings. This not only ensures a neat and organized parking lot but also improves safety by clearly indicating traffic flow and pedestrian pathways.

Additionally, parking lot striping increases the number of parking places that are accessible, enhancing the effectiveness of your lot. You can extend the life of your parking lot and avoid expensive long-term repairs with routine maintenance and re-striping. Parking lot striping is a crucial service that improves the appearance and use of any parking area, whether it is for commercial or residential premises.


The Word
On The Street

“We can honestly say that we were impressed with the organization right from the start. The office manager was pleasant to deal with, promptly returned our calls and always followed up as promised. When the owner came to do the quote, he took the time to explain everything and offered sound advice so that we could make an informed decision. Our driveway and culvert look phenomenal and strongly recommend WCI”

Jeff & Leslie Wingate

“They did a very good job, and we are pleased. The owner is very friendly and knowledgeable. He and his crew worked efficiently.”

David & Sandra Halayko

“The WCI team was prompt & efficient which resulted in stellar workmanship. We are thrilled with our new driveway and the added curb appeal that our home was missing before. Thanks Greg and Team.”

Trish Aeckerlin

“WCI provided a well explained estimate. Greg is a stand up guy, who is clearly proud of the work/product he provides to his customers. I highly recommend WCI to homeowners looking for quality paving at a reasonable price. Most importantly, WCI stands behind their work and will make it right when there is an issue. ”

Gary Black

“WCI paved our driveway this past week. Greg and his staff were very friendly and efficient. The end product is beautiful, and we are very pleased! We highly recommend WCI! ”

Tram Vo Bertazzo

“Workers from WCI arrived at 8 am and set right to work to remove the old driveway and replace with a new driveway. They worked as a team in each step that replaced old with new. We are so pleased with the result. In 4 hours this team gave us a very good looking driveway. Thank you”

Valerie McDougall