Should I Resurface Or Repave My Ottawa Driveway?

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A driveway serves a very important purpose in any home’s exterior. The asphalt pavement adds to the aesthetic value of the house and provides a surface for vehicles to enter and exit the property safely. However, wear and tear can cause these surfaces to deteriorate and they will require repairs as soon as possible.

Hence the team at WCI Ottawa would like you to know about resurfacing and repaving.


Driveway Resurfacing

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When a driveway is resurfaced, a new layer of asphalt is spread over its surface. This process repairs any cracks, craters and other damage the driveway has suffered.

Resurfacing begins by clearing any dirt and debris from the driveway’s surface. Then depending on the resurfacing method, a crack filler, squeegee, or trowel is used to apply the resurfacing material over the driveway. A tamping machine or roller can be used to flatten and compact the surface to ensure that it is level and smooth and that there are no air pockets in the material. Finally, a jointing tool or an edger is used to neatly define the perimeter of the driveway or around nearby structures like sidewalks and garages.

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Asphalt resurfacing your driveway is a relatively quick and effective way to repair damaged driveways. In addition to this, it is also an affordable process that doesn’t involve expensive heavy-duty machinery and long waiting times.


Driveway Repaving


Repaving a driveway is an involved process that is used to repair driveways that have taken extensive and severe damage. When completed, the driveway will be restored to a brand-new condition.

The repaving endeavour begins by using a backhoe or excavator to dig up the asphalt pavement that is the driveway’s surface and transporting it away with a dump truck. Then a new driveway base is placed and the amount of drainage available is verified. A paving machine is then used to apply the driveway’s new surface of asphalt pavement. After the surface has been placed and set in properly, it is compacted and smoothed out with a roller or tamping machine. If expansion joints are needed in the driveway, a saw cutter is used to make the necessary cuts. The expansion joints allow the driveway to expand and contract as temperatures change and reduce the chances that the driveway cracks.

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Placing a new driveway pavement is the only way to repair serious damage to your driveway. It is a lengthy process and complicated process but the end result is always worth the effort.


When Should Either Method Be Chosen?

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Asphalt resurfacing and paving provide similar-looking results with different approaches. However, they are useful in certain situations and not great in others.

Resurfacing residential paving in Ottawa is best used when the damage is minor. This saves time and effort that would be wasted on fixing problems that are not dire. However, repaving is the best choice for large cracks, deep potholes and other serious issues in the driveway.

Time and money are also significant factors when your residential or commercial paving in Ottawa needs repair. Resurfacing provides the quicker and cheaper alternative but, if the damage is severe, repaving provides a long-term solution that can prove more beneficial down the line.

If an aesthetically pleasing outlook is your goal, repaving should be your choice. This creates a fresh surface that you can customise any way you desire. Resurfacing is better at maintaining the current look of the driveway than it is at changing its visual appearance.

If the ecological impact is your main concern, resurfacing is the way to go. The simplicity of the process reduces the amount of waste produced and also ensures that it requires fewer materials to complete. This makes resurfacing more sustainable than repaving.


WCI Ottawa – Repaving & Resurfacing For Residential And Commercial Property

Resurfacing and repaving driveways allow you to restore their surfaces to a functional and visually appealing result. Both methods bring their own unique merits and fill their niches admirably. Using either method to restore your driveway makes your home safe, functional and visually appealing for as long as you can maintain it.

Please contact us if you are looking to restore your driveway. WCI Ottawa has proudly provided top-quality service to the Ottawa area for over 30 years. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and impressive results, no matter the customer. Choose us for quality workmanship in a timely manner.

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